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For too long, the bicycle industry has relied on blind trust. 

A purchase of a carbon bicycle containing hidden damage in 2018 set us on a path to better understand what more could be done to prevent risks to cyclists’ safety…and their hip pocket. We spoke with dozens of cyclists, designers, engineers, repairers, scientists, retail staff and mechanics over many months and gained a host of valuable insights. The conclusion? Cyclists are sick and tired of playing ‘Russian roulette’ with their safety. 

Whilst we understood the existing limitations of structural bicycle inspections – the lack of choice, the exorbitant costs, the lack of consistency and governance – we did not yet have the solution. A novel method of consumer-driven testing was where we began, however this would have taken too long. The industry needed action yesterday. But as the saying goes, “urgency and despair don't get along well”, so we persevered.

Our first formal research partnership with Deakin University helped re-align our focus. The answer, we found, lay in the under-utilised field of non-destructive testing (NDT), the infinite possibilities of machine learning, and a growing network of passionate bicycle mechanics entrusted to protect their loyal customers.   

Cycle Inspect is here to provide the first independent standard in bicycle inspection and data-driven risk assessment. 

We’re here to provide industry training and insights that the entire global cycling community can benefit from. 

We’re here to provide safety through certainty.

The provisional training template, showing the 9 steps to certification.

The team

Michael Briggs Co-Founder, Marketing & Partnerships Lead

A data-driven and creative content marketer, Michael has 15 years experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Michael is also a practicing mental health counsellor with a deep interest in human behaviour and problem solving. Michael leads business strategy; partnerships; marketing strategy; and investor and partner relations.

Dr Andrew Novak Co-founder, Data & Research Lead

Andrew is an experienced researcher with a PhD from the University of Newcastle. He has extensive experience in academia and the elite sports industry in areas of sports science and data science. He worked for 10 years in the cycling industry within retail, as a bicycle mechanic, and as a bicycle fitting specialist. Andrew leads both the research and data analysis streams, in partnership with Cycle Inspect’s advisory network, research partners and subject matter experts.

Brodie Farrell-Oates Co-Founder, Software & Architecture Lead

Brodie has worked across the full tech spectrum from hardware procurement and installation for multiple businesses; to software engineering for the Australian Antarctic Program.

Brodie works on technical business direction, full-stack web development and system architecture for Cycle Inspect.

Garrett Booth Advisor, NDT

Garrett is the Director of Azure NDT and is well known in the NDT industry, in particular the aerospace and defence sectors, having over 33 years of experience. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT) and has a passion for passing on knowledge and skills to upcoming technicians.

Peter Blain Advisor, Artificial Intelligence

Peter is currently the Director of Product and AI at Firmus, which is a company that operates energy efficient GPU clouds for artificial intelligence applications. Peter previously built AI systems for Biteable, led the information infrastructure team that created the Australian Ocean Data Network, led projects at the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, and designed and implemented institutional banking systems for the National Australia Bank, Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank, HSBC, and the Bank of Tokyo. He holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, a masters degree in accounting, and a bachelors degree in computer systems engineering.

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